About Us

Define Database is an Canadian corporation in the business of solving problems with bespoke software solutions. We are a Claris Partner and masters of the FileMaker platform. We use our diverse expertise in a wide array of other technologies to build apps that fit in naturally with any existing (or new) software ecosystem.

Our clients include private and public-sector enterprises ranging in size from 5 to 5000 employees. Industries include financial services, education, marketing, publishing, human resources, manufacturing, retail, and more!

About Jason Wood

Jason Wood has been breaking down business problems and designing and developing software solutions for more than 20 years in a variety of capacities. As an employee in computer retail, then a business owner in the manufacturing and consumer goods sector, and now as principal at Define Database.

In the FileMaker world, Jason has been certified continuously since 2015, is a top contributor to the Claris Community, and is a known expert in all things FileMaker and beyond.

About Claris International

Claris is a subsidiary of Apple Inc. and has been delivering “low code” software development tools since before the term “low code” was invented. The FileMaker platform has been evolving since 1985 and today it offers a powerful toolkit that is unmatched by rivals.

FileMaker has 1.3 million users at 50,000 companies, including 95% of the Fortune 500.

Our custom software solutions are ideal for organizations having…

  • unique needs that aren’t perfectly met by off-the-shelf software products, or highly specialized vertical markets where software is often expensive or poor quality;
  • time consuming, repetitive, or error-prone manual processes;
  • processes that include paper or spreadsheets, especially when shared by multiple individuals; and/or
  • old, unsupported technology whose failure would put the organization at significant risk.

…and organizations that would like to…

  • provide self-serve options to clients;
  • more effectively organize and share information, both inside and outside the organization;
  • achieve cohesion between various information systems; and/or
  • reduce training costs and improve job satisfaction.


Our solutions deploy to Mac, Windows, iPhone, iPad, and any platform with a web browser!

Our comprehensive hosting offering is physically located in Canada, backed by AWS and includes FileMaker Servers on Linux or Windows Server, plus additional infrastructure for API services, authentication, object storage, and backups.

Technology & Expertise

While FileMaker is at the centre of most Define Database projects, we also have experience integrating with a wide variety of external systems including authentication and directory services (Active Directory, OAuth, LDAP, etc.), databases (Oracle, MySQL, FileMaker, etc.), email systems (Microsoft 365/Microsoft Graph API, Gmail/Google Workspace, MailJet, etc.), object storage (such as AWS S3), accounting systems (including Oracle E-Business Suite), telecom systems (including Plivo and Twilio voice & SMS services), and much, much more!

Claris FileMaker Certified Developer
Claris Partner

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