Custom Software

Define Database is a custom software solutions consultancy.

Our custom software solutions are ideal for organizations having…

5 to 500 concurrent users.

Requirements for a solution that is primarily for internal use (but may have external users too).

Unique needs that aren’t perfectly met by off-the-shelf software products, or highly specialized vertical markets where software is often expensive or poor quality.

Processes that include paper or spreadsheets that are shared by multiple individuals.

Difficulting organizing, retrieving or sharing information.

Mobile workers who need to share information with home base.

Time-consuming, repetitive, or error-prone manual processes.


Our solutions deploy to Mac, Windows, iPhone, iPad, and web browsers.

They can be hosted on-premise or in the cloud.

Technology & Expertise

Define Database software is built primarily with FileMaker, a workplace innovation platform owned by Apple. The FileMaker platform allows for apps to be built and deployed in a fraction of the time compared to other technology stacks. Integrations can be built to connect FileMaker to SQL databases, RESTful web services (APIs), IOT devices, and other apps. External-facing components are typically built with Node.js, PHP, and databases including MySQL, MongoDB, FileMaker, and more!

I  have been building FileMaker apps for over 17 years, primarily as an in-house developer at companies I have founded, co-founded, or co-own, including YNOT.

I am a FileMaker Certified Developer in versions 14, 15, 16, and 17 and I have deep experience in business in a variety of roles especially accounting & finance, hiring & training, customer service, and technical support.

I am an expert in FileMaker’s licensing portfolio (User, Concurrent, and Site), and can ensure you have the right license for your situation.

I am ready to tackle your tough business problems!

— Jason Wood

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